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Julie Wilcox, MS, ERYT

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
Mahatma Gandhi

Julie Wilcox

Comments from Clients and Friends

I work with and evaluate practitioners of Complementary therapies for a living. I can honestly say that I have rarely come across someone of comparable skill, power, dedication and compassion.

Ann Cotter, MD
Acupuncturist and Preceptor, UCLA School of Medicine

My heart is warm and supple — reflecting on the powerful gifts I was given. It was all really about “gift” not about loss. I think after the body journey you guided me through yesterday I have truly been given the freedom and confirmation to see the experience in God’s truth. You guided me so successfully to move from a place of bondage and pain to a place of gratitude, inner strength and most of all freedom.

Linda Boland
Retired Vice President, Turner Broadcasting, Inc

I will always remember you with gratitude and affection. It’s not often one gets to say, “You changed my life!”, but that’s what you’ve done.

Mary Kelly
McKesson Senior Sales Representative
Alpharetta, GA

Not long ago our precious cat Winston contracted Fatty Liver Syndrome. His only chance for recovery was if we could make him eat and drink. After Julie worked with him, he was on board with his treatment. Thank you so much for being an essential part of Winston’s complete recovery.

Arlene Newsome, RN
Seagrove, FL

Thank you for sharing with me the soul recognition workshop. I will never forget this experience in my life. This last week was so hard and I learned so much about myself. I now realize how much I didn’t love myself!

Deena Metaxas
Friendswood, TX